Alternate Costumes

To unlock a host of alternative costumes, see the instructions below:

Arn Anderson's Civilian Attire:
Hero Story Scene 5-1

Dashing Cody Rhodes:
Villain Story Scene 4-1

Drew McIntyre Suit Attire:
Villain Story Scene 13-2

Edge Entrance Attire:
Villain Story 15-2

HHH Street Attire:
Outsider Story Cutscene

John Cena Entrance Attire:
Villain Story 1-4

John Cena Purple Attire & John Cena with T-Shirt:
Play two different Wrestlemania Matches featuring Cena in Universe

Kevin Nash Suit Attire:
Hero Story 14-1

Mr.McMahon Suit Attire:
Hero Story Cutscene

Randy Orton without Beard:
Go into a Wrestlemania Match with Randy in Universe

Sheamus Suit Attire:
Villain Story 18-1

Sheamus T-Shirt Attire:
Villain Story 5-4

Unlockable Entrance Themes

Follow the instructions below to unlock additional Entrance Themes:

Jacob Cass Entrance:
Hero Story Cutscene 2-1

King of Kings Theme:
Outsider Story Cutscene

Mr. McMahon Entrance:
Hero Story Cutscene

Undertaker Entrance:
Win with Undertaker at Wrestlemania in Universe

United Kingdom Entrance:
Villain Story Cutscene

Other Unlockable Titles

Below are instructions for unlocking the rest of the game's titles:

Champion of Champions Title:
Win a title at Night of Champions

Classic Intercontinental Title:
Win the Intercontinental Title

ECW Title:
Win a title at Extreme Rules

European Title:
Villain Story 10-1

Hardcore Title:
Win a title in a falls count anywhere match

Light Heavyweight Title:
Win a title with Mysterio

Million Dollar Title:
Win a title with Ted DiBiase

WCW Spray Painted World Heavyweight Title:
Hero Story Cutscene 13-1

WCW Spray Painted WWE Title:
Hero Story Cutscene

WCW Title:
Hero Story Cutscene

WWE Attitude Era Title:
Win the WWE title with Stone Cold

WWE Undisputed Title:
Win the WWE title with HHH at a PPV

Undertaker Hooded Attire:
Go into a Wretlemania Match with Undertaker in Universe

Wade Barrett Suit Attire:
Villain Story 19-2

William Regal Suit Attire:
Villain Story 8-5


Unlockable Championships

For instructions on how to unlock additional WWE championships see the instructions below:

ECW Championship (Classic): Win any title in an Extreme Rules match

Hardcore Championship: Win any title in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Intercontinental Championship (Classic): Win the Intercontinental title

The Champion of Champions: Win any title at the Clash of the Champions arena

The Million Dollar Championship: Win any title with Ted DiBiase

The Undisputed WWE Championship: Win the WWE Championship with Triple H at a PPV

WCW Championship (Classic): Complete Hero Story

World Heavyweight Championship (Spray-painted): Complete Hero Story match in Royal Rumble, after Big Show spray paints the belt

World Tag Team Championship: Unlock Demolition

WWE Championship (Attitude Era): Win the WWE Championship with Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Championship (Spray-painted): Complete Hero Story match in Elimination Chamber

WWE European Championship: Win the United States title in Villain Story

WWE Light Heavyweight Championship: Win any title with Rey Mysterio

WWE Tag Team Championship (Classic): Unlock the Road Warriors


Unlockable Characters

To get the various unlockable superstars in WWE 12, see the instructions below:

Arn Anderson: Complete Royal Rumble match in Villain Story

Booker T: Complete Hero Story match, when Booker T appears, during your match with Husky Harris

Brock Lesnar: Win the first one-on-one match in WWE Universe

Demolition: Win the WWE Tag Team Championship in WWE Universe

Eddie Guerrero: Complete Hero Story match as Eddie, defeating Rey Mysterio

Edge: Complete the battle royal in Villain Story

Goldust: Complete a singles match with Cody Rhodes in WWE Universe

Kevin Nash: Complete Outsider Story match, after meeting him in the locker room

Michelle McCool: Win Divas Championship in WWE Universe

Mr. McMahon: Complete Hero Story

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat: Complete Royal Rumble match in Hero Story

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Start in Outsider Story

The Road Warriors: Complete Hero Story match, as Animal appears during your match with Kofi Kingston

The Rock: Complete Outsider Story

Vader: Defeat Vader, following your match with Tyson Kidd in Hero Story

Brock Lesnar: Play a match in WWE universe mode and after the match Brock Lesnar will attack you and after the cut scene you will have unlocked him.

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